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BXR's Brand New Store!!!


BXR's Brand New Store!!!

by Shawn

This is the first official announcement to the Bailey's Crossroads community:

We are getting a brand new store!! On 30 April 2016, our location will be moving to make room for our HUGE Lesson Program and all of our AMAZING students!! Not only will this move benefit our Lessons Program and allow for even more students a chance to join something awesome, this will also allow us to expand on our community outreach to schools in the area!

We don't have an offical address yet, but we DO know that we will be in the Summit Centre down near Beauregard St. and Route 7!! We will be moving the weekend of 30-31 April, and have our brand new hub ready by 1 May!

If you'd like to keep up on the details, stop by the store! We're asking for updated emails to keep everyone in the loop. Otherwise, just stay tuned to our webpage for updates! See you all soon!!!