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Experts in Alexandria, 22302

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    • Andrew
    • Retail Manager - N - Alexandria
      Languages Spoken: Korean
    • I started my musical life as a self-taught acoustic guitar player around the age of 9 years old. When I was 13 my friends decided that they wanted to start a rock band and I volunteered to learn how to play bass. After nearly a decade, and a handful of...
    • Ben
    • Senior Sales Associate - Alexandria
    • Hi! I started playing percussion at age 9 and never looked back. I have a background in concert percussion, marching band, military-style drumline, and kit. Along the way I picked up guitar and bass as well. These days I like mixing live music with electronic...
    • Brian
    • Senior Sales Associate - Alexandria
    • Hi! My name is Brian and I'm the woodwind and brass expert here at Music&Arts. I've been playing in bands for 12 years on instruments ranging from Clarinet to Tuba. My primary instruments are the Euphonium, also known as the tiny Tuba, and the Trombone....
    • Gabriel Rivera Martinez
    • Senior Sales Associate - Alexandria
      Areas of Instruction: Saxophone, Jazz Improvisation
      Languages Spoken: Spanish
    • I was born and raised in Las Piedras, Puerto Rico. My music life began in a special school for the arts next to Las Piedras. I started playing alto saxophone at age 10. As my passion for music kept growing, I explored all the saxophones in the saxophone...
    • Jacob
    • Senior Sales Associate - Alexandria
    • Hey! I’m Jake, and I’m one of the great sales associates we have on staff here at the Alexandria Music & Arts. While I’m not as musically talented as my other associates, I make up for it by learning from all of them and picking...
    • Teddy
    • Senior Sales Associate - Alexandria
    • Teddy has been playing guitar for 14 years. He also played trumpet and euphonium in school and so has knowledge of band instruments, particularly brass. He mostly listens to jazz and rock and has a particular interest in electric guitars.