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Back To School Time Is Here


Back To School Time Is Here

Back to school is an exciting time for a student that is starting in music. Young students with a desire to learn an instrument are excited at the thought of getting their first instrument and making those first sounds with it. Parents on the other hand, need some guidance through this process.

Renting an instrument makes sense for the beginning student. Children will be excited to start with an instrument, but there are a few that want to try music and the initial feelings of excitement wear off and the child loses interest. If this does happen, the parent can simply return the instrument, saving the trouble of trying to sell it.

Student musicians may start on one instrument and change their mind and want to play something different. This is another very easy thing to do, as any of our rental instruments can be exchanged for another should that need arise.

Another issue is with young string players. Smaller students will start with a smaller violin, viola or cello. As the child grows, they will need to be on progrssively larger instruments. Again, renting an instrument makes sense as it is a simple exchange to the larger sizes as the student grows.

Our staff are experts in helping parents though this process and can help a confusing time seem very simple. If your child has the desire to learn a musical instrument, visit our store and talk to our staff. We are here to assist you at every step.

We hope to see you soon.