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Brass Instrument Maintenance


Brass Instrument Maintenance

Is your brass instrument playing fine? Does it smell funny? Are valves sluggish or tuning slides are stuck? It may be time to clean your horn.

The process of cleaning your instrument is pretty simple. It takes a small amount of time and a few tools to keep your instrument in top condition.

The first thing to do is to disassemble the instrument. Remove the valves, tuning slides and valve caps. Take all of these parts and put them is the sink or the bathtub with warm water and some mild dishwashing soap. Let all of the parts soak for about 15 minutes. Do not use hot water as this could damage the finish of the instrument.

Next, take a cleaning snake and scrub out all of the tubes, making sure that you are not camaging the instrument. For trumpet players, use a valve casing brush to clean the vlave casings.

After you have finished cleaning, try the instrument, re-apply the lubricants and assemble your horn.

We do recommend that your instrument is professionally cleaned once yearly. We have a great repair shop here in Anaheim that will do a great job for you.

Now, go out and make some music!