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Howard County Parents for School Music


Howard County Parents for School Music

by Diana

Howard County Parents for School Music/

Pilot Programs in Howard County Schools


    March is National Music in Our Schools month and as part of that I would like to take this opportunity to share information on a school music advocacy group that is doing many good things in Howard County!  The Howard County Parents for School Music's purpose is to educate school board members, administrators, and the community on the value and importance of a quality music program for all students.  I would highly encourage all music parents to check it out, as the group is active in strengthening music in our schools and community. 



Here are the links:



     Also, along the lines of school music programs, currently there are pilot programs being conducted in Howard County which impact the music schedule.  Under these tests, many are concerned about the time allotted and class size for music education in elementary schools.  If you would like to learn more about the pilot programs, the impact on music, and what you can do to support the music programs, here is a link to an article that provides a good description:,0,3018678.story?page=1


     If you have any further questions feel free to give me a call at the store and we can discuss.  Thanks for your dedication to the local music community!