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      About Jovani J

      Jovani Jurado
      Jovani J
      Retail Manager
      Location: Rancho Cucamonga, CA
      Speaks: English, Spanish
      Expertise: Accessories, Amplifiers & Effects, Bass Guitar, Drums & Percussion, Guitar

      Get to know Jovani J

      My name is Jovani, but everyone around here knows me as Geo. I’m glad to be part of the Music and Arts team and to help you find your sound. I’m a multi instrumentalist with guitar being my main instrument. I was born into a musical family where my dad would be playing gigs every weekend. At the age of nine, my dad passed me his bajo-quinto (  10 string guitar) and by the age of ten I was in a band with my brothers and parents. We played many forms of music genres with cubias, corridos, and zapatiada just to name a few styles. While in elementary school, I joined the band playing the alto saxophone. Once i reach high school, I join the choir and made Chamber Singers my freshman year as a baritone: later on, bass 2. Due to choir i was able to travel to Vegas, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, performed  even got to perform with Foreigner at the Fox Theater and with other Choirs at Carnegie Hall in New York without paying a cent due to sponsors. On top of my me traveling with my choir, I was accepted to be part of Southern California Honor Choir and All state Honor Choir. Other than being in choir in High school, I was also in the Jazz Band playing bass guitar, learning to walk and sight read expanding my knowledge musically. After High school I moved to Mississippi where every weekend i would stop and visit New Orleans just to listen to the Jazz scene that was very much alive. In time, I moved back to California and join the Fender team(FMIC) and worked my way into quality control as a guitar inspector. Once I return to California and join the Fender team, I played in a few bands where I played pack backyard shows to sold out venues and record in high end studios. As one of my bands slowly grew, we decided to move out Columbus, Ohio where I got the position of a repair tech at Guitar center. I would do repairs on big name brands such as Gibsons, Taylors, Martins, and Fenders all day; and play shows almost every night. All that changed due to a family emergency which required me to come back home and find a job to help support my family. Over the years i gain knowledge of gear where many don’t know where to start or look for to get their sound that they want, and that's where I come in to help. If you  ever have any question of what you’re looking for, I would not hesitate to do the research and make suggestions to make it as easy as possible to find your sound!

      Jovani J works at:
      8615 Baseline Rd
      Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
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