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About Jude C

Jude Castro
Jude C
Senior Sales Associate
Location: Mansfield, TX
Speaks: English
Expertise: Guitar, Marching Percussion

Get to know Jude C

Hi my name is Jude! I have lived in Cedar Hill all my life and I've been playing guitar since I was 11 years old. I have always had a passion for music since I was very young. I love playing music just as much as I love listening to it. Collecting music is one of my favorite things to do. I have a tower of CD's and a big wooden crate of old viynl records and my music collection is constantly expanding. My favorite thing to listen to is all types of rock. From the old stuff like Led Zeppelin and Cream to Pearl Jam and The Red Hot CHilie Peppers. I started taking guitar lessons here with our instructor Brian in 2013 and eventually got the opportunity to become a full-time employee! My favortie thing about working here is being able to meet all kinds of musicians and learn from them as well. Its really cool to have the opportunity to work with and meet new people every day who share the same passion as I do.
Jude C works at:
121 West Debbie Ln Suite 105
Mansfield, TX 76063
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