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About Morgana

Morgana Dreamfire
Senior Sales Associate
Location: Olney, MD
Speaks: English
Expertise: Books, Sheet Music & Media, Orchestral Strings Accessories, Violins

Get to know Morgana

I’m a professionally taught musician from Frederick, but I’ve also lived in Pennsylvania and Virginia, and now currently reside in Germantown.

I was born in Washington, DC, but grew up in Frederick, playing piano, violin and taking singing lessons when I was very young and into my teen years.  Enjoying the music theatre and dance scene I spent a good bit of time taking summer camps at Hood College and performing at the Weinberg Center.  In Elementary and Middle school, I was in orchestra and did a good bit of orchestra competitions before hanging up my bow in my 20s.  I even still have some of the old medals that one of the orchestras I was with won. I also did a stint with acoustic guitar in my twenties, but it’s a bit of a sad story with what happened to my acoustic, that I no longer play guitar at this time.

In 2008 I moved up to PA and gave up playing and singing completely to get married and pursue a degree in business and finance. Now that I’m divorced and back in Maryland, I’ve picked up my love of the violin and started playing again.  One of my interests is learning popular rock music to play on the violin.  I grew up listing to my dad’s vinyl collection, such bands as Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac, Queen, and the Rolling Stones.  I guess you could say that I get my love of music from his side of the family, as the bands that he introduced me to when I was little are the ones that I am learning to play today.

As far as my current aspirations, I have a ton of lyrics that I am looking to eventually record and release, but it seems like a far-off dream. After giving up playing to get married, I’ve spent the last few years since the divorce reteaching myself how to play. I’m also on a steep learning curve on how to do audio engineering and producing.

Being at Music & Arts I’m finding is bring a lot of my loves together and is introducing me to people in the community as well as learning about instruments outside of the ones that I grew up playing. Music, knowledge, and community. I can only see things going up from here.

If you are interested in getting more information about playing in orchestra, or the violin in general I would love to have a chat with you at our Olney location.  Look forward to meeting you and helping you on your musical journey. 

Morgana works at:
18120 Hillcrest Ave
Olney, MD 20832
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