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About Rita Michelle E

Rita Michelle Evans
Rita Michelle E
Senior Sales Associate
Location: Oakton, VA
Speaks: English, Spanish, German

Get to know Rita Michelle E

At the age of 7 I began my journey in music. Going from elementary school strings class, to doing countless auditions for high school orchestras, youth orchestras, to University orchestras, I have never given up the passion for music that  and it has only grown in me through the years. I have gone through private lesson instructors and orchestra conductors, some have helped me obtain the skills I have today, some have taught me that the journey is not easy. It takes patience, confidence, and motivation to be successful in this field. With the experience from this journey, I have taken the path of minoring in Music studies at the University of Pittsburgh. My goal is to help anyone who is passionate about starting or continuing an instrument. Everyone is capable of success and accomplishing hardships, as long as they have learned something along the way. With Music and Arts I have been able to help out other musicians on their own journey in music.    

Rita Michelle E works at:
2916 Chain Bridge Rd
Oakton, VA 22124
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