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School is Out...Rock Out


School is Out...Rock Out

by Joshua

Alice Cooper really hit the nail on the head with his Schools Out anthem. It truly captures the feeling of freedom that many children feel when they are looking ahead to three months of free time on their hands. This time can be invaluable to a developing musician. Summer can be the time that a student presses on and pushes their limits in the direction they want to go. Whether your involved with a summer lesson program or not, it is the perfect time of year to stretch your musical legs and grow in your own direction. Outside of the structure of school, feel free to experiment in different genres of music, learn new and exciting songs, or even try a new instrument. Whatever you want to become as a musician, summertime is one of the best times to work towards that. The most important thing to remember is that music never takes a break. There is no three months off from being a musician. You must continue to play and practice. Tired of playing concert music on your sax, lets look at jazz. Feeling bored with your acoustic guitar?... pick up an electric and rock out. This is your time, do not let the opportunity pass to be the best you.