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New Burien Manager!!!


New Burien Manager!!!

by Tiffany

Please welcome the Krusty Krab 2’s new manager… TIFFANY CHANCEY!!

We have a new manager here at the Burien store! Mr. Krabs herself, Ms. Tiffany Chancey, is super excited for this opportunity! Though a new manager, she is actually on her third year of working at Burien Music & Arts.

While we were very disappointed to see James (our previous manager) go, we understood the stress of driving all the way to Burien after he moved – and we’re immensely happy for him that he got a new job at the Redmond store! Although we certainly miss his presence here, Tiffany has made a wonderful manager so far and we are are excited to see what more she can do for this store.

-Burien Team