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Experts in Burke, 22015

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    • Jesse
    • Retail Manager - N - Burke
    • Music, music, music. In my head. All the time. Who knows how many roommates and friends I've driven crazy with my incessant humming, banging, and dancing. It takes all the self-control I have to not sit down at every piano I see and play. It doesn't even...
    • Kody
    • Senior Sales Associate - Burke
      Areas of Instruction: Bass Guitar, Clarinet, Guitar
    • My name is Kody, and I started working at the Music & Arts Burke location in August, 2017. My musical career started when I was very young with my first instrument being the bass guitar. As I grew older, I started learning how to play many more instruments...
    • Roger
    • Senior Sales Associate - Burke
      Areas of Instruction: Guitar
    • Hi! My name is Roger. I'm an employee at the Music & Arts in Burke. I've been playing the guitar for about 3 years. I love to listen to pop music, pop-punk, pop-rock, etc. A few of my favorite bands are The Ready Set and Relient K. I also listen to...
    • Tim Burnell
    • Senior Sales Associate - Burke
    • I have been involved with music for most of my life. I started by singing in church poductions and playing violin as a child, before being involved with my youth band and high school choir. I then began playing guitar while in high school and have been...