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    • Conner
    • Senior Sales Associate - Charlottesville
      Languages Spoken: Chinese, French, Spanish
    • Conner was born and raised in Charlottesville and spent much of his more youthful days playing trombone, piano, and guitar as well as composing instrumental and computer music. After graduating from Charlottesville High School, Conner travelled far from...
    • Drew
    • Retail Manager - N - Charlottesville
    • Emerging from the bog and mist of rural Louisa, Virginia, some 86 years ago, Drew's travels have found him currently acting as the resident gear head and guitar aficionado of Music and Arts Charlottesville. He has spent the last 15 years playing at most...
    • Joe Gomola
    • Senior Sales Associate - Charlottesville
    • Hey there! I'm Joe. I have a minor in Music Industry from James Madison University. I also have three plus years of experience in both music retail and repair work. I worked in a Fender certified shop, where I learned expert guitar repair, as well as...
    • Jon
    • Retail Sales Associate - Charlottesville
    • Some 60 years ago, along the banks of the muddy Texas Panhandle-spawned Red River, which cuts across Louisiana and runs tributary to the mighty Mississippi, a princely babe was found floating Moses-like in a tiny bitumen-sealed bulrush basket…...