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    • Austin
    • Retail Manager - N - Chesapeake
    • Austin studied classical guitar at Menchville Highschool. This peaked his interested, so he continued to play after graduation. He then began to pursue piano, and has been under instruction for over two years. Austin enjoys learning how to play any instrument...
    • Emmet
    • Senior Sales Associate - Chesapeake
    • I began working for Music & Arts in 2001. If you have ever been into one of our stores, then we have probably met, but now I am holding it down at our Chesapeake location. I specialize in drums, brass, guitar and music production. I originally...
    • Ethan
    • Retail Sales Associate - Chesapeake
    • Hello, my name is Ethan! I have always had a love for music since a young age. Guitar is my main instrument (been playing since I was 8 years old), but I also play piano, bass guitar, and a little drums. Constructing this skill in guitar has opened...
    • Kayla
    • Senior Sales Associate - Chesapeake
    • Hello! My name is Kayla and I've played the violin for 13 years. I began playing the summer before my fifth grade year and continued throughout high school. I've always been musically inclined and picked up the instrument fairly quick compared to the...
    • Laney Conter
    • Senior Sales Associate - Chesapeake
    • Hello! My name's Laney. I've had a passion for music since a young age. I grew up surrounded by a family of violinists, and was finally able to participate in the family tradition at the age of eleven, when I joined the school orchestra in the fifth...
    • McKaela
    • Retail Sales Associate - Chesapeake
    • Hello! My name is McKaela. I started with Music & Arts just this year as a sales associate. I began my musical career in 6th grade on flute. After switching instruments several times, I found my passion for bassoon. This passion helped me attend...
    • Morgan
    • Senior Sales Associate - Chesapeake
    • Hello! My name is Morgan. I have been playing music since I was 8 years old, but I have had a sense of rhythm for as long as I can remember. My primary instruments are French horn and piano, but I also have had some experience singing church music...