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Free- Beatboxing Clinic


Free- Beatboxing Clinic

by Torey

Bron here to tell you about an exciting new music education opportunity in Colorado Springs. I want to let you know about my next introductory class on the fun of beatboxing! Beatboxing also known as vocal percussion is the art form of copying percussion and music with the mouth and voice.

I have taught private guitar, bass, and voice lessons full time for over a decade. As a music teacher I was always looking for ways to make music more accessible and fun!  I moved to the springs a couple years ago and now I am a substitute teacher for D11 and D20. I developed a beatboxing lesson for guest teaching music class and I was blown away by the reactions I saw from all age groups.  Beatboxing can appeal to any genre of music from dubstep to jazz and is fun for all ages.

Though there are many challenging techniques that require patience and practice the basics are easily accessible to all beginners.  My teaching techniques involve looking at storytelling, voice impersonations, sound effects, and more.  Movement including pantomime and dancing are employed with stage performance to create an extremely entertaining and fun educational experience.

Beatboxing performance is a great form of self expression, a strong personal motivator, builder of self confidence, and addictively fun! My next class is April 21st at 1 pm.  This is a hands on class so seats are limited to allow for student participation.  Please call or email me to reserve your spot today.