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Teacher Spotlight- Jim Stranahan


Teacher Spotlight- Jim Stranahan

by Miriam
Want to learn to play that wacky sax? Give that extra punch to your solos? Take lessons with Jim Stranahan! This sax player still preforms jazz on the air waves and specializes in swing and jazz styles. He can teach you to jam with the best of them or have the silkiest smooth solo in the group as well. Just starting out? He can teach you the ABC's and Do Re Mi's as well, having spent many years teaching beginners. Intermediate to advanced students if you are looking to take that next step in your playing Jim is the guy for you. Endorsed by Eastman Jim is a phenomenal person to have in your corner. Give us a call today and start taking lessons with the sax master.
"Check him out this Tuesday evening May the 2nd performing live at or station 89.3!"