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Horns of Plenty


Horns of Plenty

by Zach

This just in, we have the list of the horns that are going to be at our annual Horns of Plenty sale in the Charlotte Arboretum store this Saturday, May 7th.  If you or anyone you knows is in the market for a horn this THE place to go.  We'll have 182 different models and over 300 horns in total.  Most horns will be 10% off with double rebates on participating vendor horns.  The horn list is as follows:


Bundy BPC-300

Jupiter 905ES

Pearl PFP-105E

Yamaha YPC-62





Jupiter CEF-551

Jupiter CEF-510

Gemeinhardt 3SHB

Gemeinhardt 3SOHB

Gemeinhardt 33OSSB

Giardinelli GFL10

Giardinelli GFL10S

Haynes Q2

Pearl 665RBE1RB

Pearl 765RBE1RB

Powell-Sonare PS51BOF

Powell-Sonare PS61BOF

Powell-Sonare PS75BOF

Ventus VFL10

Ventus VFL10S

Yamaha YFL-221

Yamaha YFL-361H

Yamaha YFL-381H

Yamaha YFL-461H

Yamaha YFL-481H

Yamaha YFL-577HCT

Yamaha YFL-587HCT

Yamaha YFL-677HCT

Yamaha YFL-687HCT

Yamaha YFL-777H



Amati ABN-41 IV-OW

Fox 222-High D

Fox 240

W. Schreiber WS5116-2-0

W. Schreiber WS5116-2-0



Buffet BC4052-2-0

Fox 333

Fox 335

Fox 330

Fox 400

Yamaha YOB-241

Yamaha YOB-441

Yamaha YOB-841

Yamaha YOB-841T



Buffet E11

Buffet E11SP Key of A

Buffet E12F

Buffet E13SP

Buffet R13

Buffet R13SP

Buffet R13 Prestige

Buffet R13 Festival

Buffet R13 Greenline

Buffet R13 Key of A

Buffet Tosca BC1150L-2-0

Jupiter JCL1100S

Jupiter CEC-635

Selmer B16 Presence

Ventus VCL10CS

Ventus VCL10GS

Yamaha YCL-255

Yamaha YCL450N

Yamaha YCL-650

Yamaha CSVR



Bass Clarinets

Buffet 1183-2-0

Buffet 1180-2-0

Leblanc L60

Selmer 1430LP

Yamaha YCL-221


Soprano Saxophones


P.Mauriat Le Bravo 200

Yanagisawa SS901

Yanagisawa SS991


Alto Saxophones

Giardinelli GAS10

Jupiter CES-760

P.Mauriat PMXA-67RCL

P. Mauriat PMXA-67RDK

P.Mauriat PMXA-67RX

P. Mauriat SYSTEM–76ADK

P.Mauriat Master-97A

Selmer AS42

Selmer 52JU

Selmer 62JU

Selmer 72 Reference 54

Yamaha YAS-26

Yamaha YAS-480

Yamaha YAS-62III

Yamaha YAS-62IIIS

Yamaha YAS – 82ZII

Yamaha YAS-875EXII Yamaha YAS-26

Yanagisawa AW01

Yanagisawa AW010


Tenor Saxophones

Keilwerth MKX/JK3000-8-0

P. Mauriat PMXT-66RDK

P. Mauriat PMXT-66RXCL

P. Mauriat SYSTEM -76TDK

P..Mauriat System-76UL

Selmer 54JU

Selmer Super Action 80

Yamaha – YTS-480

Yamaha – YTS-62III

Yamaha – YTS-875EX

Yamaha YTS-82Z

Yanagisawa TW01

Yanagisawa TW010

Yanagisawa T902


Bari Saxophones

Giardinelli GBS-300

P. Mauriat PMB-301GL




B&S Chlngr BS3137SG-2-0

B&S Chlngr BS3137/2-2-0

Bach AB190S

Bach LR180S43

Bach LR180S37

Bach 180S37

Bach 180S72

Bach 190S37

Bach LT190SL1B

Bach LT190S1B

Bach LR19043B

Bach C180SL229CC

Jupiter JTR1100S

Jupiter 1600IS

Jupiter 1602S

Jupiter 1602S-R

Jupiter 1604S

Jupiter 1624S

Jupiter CEB-660L

Schilke S32-HD

Ventus VTR10S

Yamaha YTR-4335GSII

Yamaha YTR-8335IIRS

Yamaha YTR-8335IIS

Yamaha YTR-8445S

Yamaha YTR-8310Z

Yamaha YTR-9335CHSII

Yamaha YTR-9335NYII


Piccolo Trumpet

Jupiter 1700S



Getzen Eterna 800-B4

Yamaha 2330II


Flugel Horns

Jupiter 1646RL


French Horns

Conn 8D

Conn 8DS

Eastman EFH420

Hans Hoyer G10

Hans Hoyer G10A-L2

Hans Hoyer HH6802-1-0

Hans Hoyer HH7801NSA

Holton H179

Holton H379

Jupiter JHR-1000

Yamaha YHR-668NDII





Bach 42AF

Bach 42BO

Conn 88H

Conn 88HO

Courtois AC103T-1-0

Courtois AC260BO-1-0

Courtois AC420BHR-1-0

Jupiter 1236L-O

Jupiter 1032RL

Jupiter CEB-630L

Jupiter CEB-740L

King 3B

Ventus VTB10

Yamaha YSL-354

Yamaha YSL-448G

Yamaha YSL-882GO

Yamaha YSL-882GOR


Bass Trombones

Jupiter 1240L

Bach 50B



Besson BE967-1-0

Besson BE162-2-0

Besson BE2052-2-0

Eastman EEP321

Jupiter JEP1100S

Jupiter 1270S

Yamaha YEP-321S

Yamaha YEP-642L



B & S GR51-L




Horns We Are Working On


LeBravo Bari Sax


Buffet 1193 – Vendor