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Summertime Instrument Maintenance


Summertime Instrument Maintenance

by Heather

Summer is here and school is out! This is the perfect time of year for you to get your band instruments in for their summer maintenance. Send your brass instrument in for a good servicing, dent removal and ultrasonic clean to get them into playing condition for the next school year. Woodwind instrument need to be checked for loose or damaged pads, bent keys and corks needing replaced.  This time of year is the best to get your instrument in and get them back before they are needed. If you dont plan on playing your instrumet for a while it is best to have them cleaned and maintenanced before storing them. And for those of you who are looking to sell their instrument it is more beneficial to be able to provide a good maintenence record for the instrument. Stop by now and get your instruments checked out before the school rush starts.