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Weather Proofing your Guitars


Weather Proofing your Guitars

by Heather

Environmental factors like temperature and humidity directly effect your instrument and can lead to its decline. Most guitars are made of thin pieces of solid or laminated wood that are glued together. Extreme temperatures and humidity can wreak havoc on your guitar so your goal should be to maintain climate stability. The idea conditions are air humidity in the 45-55% range and a temperature that is kept between 65-75 degrees.

Heat weakens glue and cold can chill the lacquer and cause "crazing", a network of fine cracks in the surface or glaze of the guitar. Never expose your instrument to extreme temperatures for long periods of time. Leaving your instrument in a vehicle during hot days or cold nights is a good way to completely destroy your guitar.

Humidity is the most dangerous environmental factor for guitars. When wood gets wet it becomes softer making the wood easier to bend, often the strings are enough to bend the neck of an instrument exposed to high humidity. Dry conditions can cause the wood to shrink and crack which can cause poor tone and improper intonation.

To protect your guitar you should keep it in the case when not playing it. Hard cases have the best protection against temperature, humidity and physical changes. When taking your guitar places allow it time to adjust to the temperature changes before removing it from the case. Keep your guitar away from overly hot, dry areas as well as cold damp areas. Never transport it in the trunk of your vehicle, temperatures inside the trunk are often in the extremes in all types of weather. You should also regularly clean your guitar and play it almost every day to keep it in shape.

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