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The Art of Practice


The Art of Practice

by Erica

Students with instruments rarely find time to be bored over the summer. Time off of school allows students to be able to practice and discover the music that best fits their playing style. During the school year, students are bogged down with school work and classroom music; however, in the summer students find the time to practice music which they enjoy. Practice is an art form. By taking thirty minutes to an hour a day to practice, students begin to feel comfortable with their instruments and enjoy playing.  Students typically find practice boring, but the boring parts of practice can be bypassed by playing what they enjoy. Practice starts off as a mundane chore, but as students progress, they begin to find the ease of playing makes practice a fun process. The boring parts become easy and then the challenge of more difficult music leads to the enjoyment of conquering the next step. By practicing, students are able to expand their playing ability, and this sudden expansion of musical knowledge allows students to enjoy the music they play.  In store, we offer sheet music and supplies in order to supplement summer practice. If your student enjoys the structure of lessons and a teacher, we offer lessons and teachers in store. Our teachers create specialized lesson plans in order to assist your student in their individual playing goals. With help from an instructor, students can find their voice on their instrument and enjoy what music is all about.