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by Vaughn

Reeds are a necessary accessory for any reed player, such as the clarinetist and saxophonist. And while most boxes of reeds come with 10 reeds, you may find, especially if you are a new player, that they will break or lose their touch quite often. You may also find that keeping 10 reeds in order for best to worse can be a bit challenging when they are all scattered in your case or backpack. Luckily, there is a simple little device that will help fix all these problems: the D’Addario reed case.

The reed case, which is a plastic shell that can fit in the palm of you hand, protects the reeds while it is in a case. The D’Addario reed case holds up to 4 reeds, making it easy to sort out your favorites! They hold reeds better than the individual cases they come in, preventing them from break as often. They also allow the reeds to air out when you finish playing, so they are less likely to grow mold (Yuck!). Since the reed is what makes the sound on the instrument, it is very important to keep them well protected to prolong their life and keep them sounding great! The D’Addario reed case is the perfect choice to achieve this!
Stop on by the store and check them out if you don’t have one already! They also come free with the purchase of a box of D’Addario Reserve reeds until the end of August!