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The School year is almost gone and now what?


The School year is almost gone and now what?

by Derick

The School year is almost gone and now what?

What are we to do with the instrument we rented or what are we going to do this summer to contuine to learn and have fun with your instrument. I have a few great anwsers for you.

First with the rental instrument you rented at the beginning of the school year, you do have a few opotions. The rental is rental to own so you are building equity in the instrument you are rental towards owning the instrument. You may also return the instrument at any time but you should think about if the student will be playing the instrument next school year because once you return to rental instrument you loss all the equity you have in the insrument that you have been renting by returning it. One of the great things about the rental program is the Exchange to Purchase opotion which lets you use your equity (some or all) towards a new or step-up instrument. With specially promos and financing going on now in the store, now is the time to ask yourself a few questions. Are we playing next year, is the student decided on the insrtument he/she will be playing for the next two or three years? Talk with you school dircetor and private teacher about this and is it time to get a better instrument? You can always call the store with questions about your rental or step-up instruments, we are here to help!!

Now if you are looking for a way to keep playing your instrument in the summer, I say come in a get some lessons for some awesome sumer fun. Stay ahead of the class and do not get behind by not playing over the summer! We have lessons going on all through the summer and space in limited so call now and get signed up Today!!!


Derick Smith