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Welcome to the ProShop!!


Welcome to the ProShop!!

by Derick

Welcome to the ProShop!

Here at the East Cobb (in Marietta, GA) Music & Arts we have a full line of Step-Up Band Instruments. More instruments at one time than any other music store in the Atlanta area or in Georgia!! The types of instrument that we have all the time 7 days a week are the following:

  • Piccolos
  • Clarinets
  • Oboes
  • Bassoons
  • Soprano Saxophone
  • Alto Saxohone
  • Tenor Saxohone
  • Single French Horns
  • Double French Horns
  • Trumpets
  • Trombones (straight and trigger)
  • Bass Trombones
  • Baritones
  • Euphoniums

Now, what is a Step-up Instrument? It is a Intermediate to Professional level instrument, which means a couple of things.

First of all, you're looking at a huge increase in tone and volume. Imagine a knob on your car stereo. With a student level instrument, you would be at a two, maybe a three on the knob. When you move to an intermediate level instrument, you would be at a seven. When you move to a professional level instrument, you're at a ten.

Second of all, you will have a much larger range on an intermediate to professional level instrument. On a student level instrument, you're going to plateau after a while. You won't be able to hit your low or high notes. On an intermediate and professional level instrument, you're going to be able to hit your high and low notes a lot easier and cleaner.

Finally, on an intermediate and professional level instrument, you will have more key functionality. For example, a flute will have a gizmo key, which helps with intonation. On a saxophone, there is a high F# key that helps you hit your notes cleaner. And on a trombone, you have a trigger. The trigger on a trombone helps with alternate positions.

So again, we would like to extend a warm welcome to Atlanta's premier Pro-Shop. We hope to see you soon!