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Try a new instrument!


Try a new instrument!

Many times students that begin with any particular instrument may have a change of mind.  In fact the rate is an alarming 66% conversion to a different instrument.  Even though this number is high its perfectly normal as finding ones voice in music takes trying different instruments until you find your voice.  The summer is a great time to make that transition and take transition focused lessons. Example: Daughter played violin in 4th grade but wants to try trumpet in 5th grade.  If your a rental customer simply come in and we can exchange your violin, roll over your equity and you can continue to rent a trumpet.  Nothing in your rental agreement changes in this example.  We recommend the transition lessons so that the player can learn  the new instrument and begin the new school year at the same level of the players who took trumpet in 4th and again in 5th.  Most times the students that take the transition lesson actually go back to school at a more advanced level than exisiting players.  This is due to the private one on one instruction that caters to the player.

Don't hesistate stop by the store or call and we can walk you thru the process of being succeful at music!!