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Aaron Bobis is a guitarist, composer, improviser and songwriter with 15 years teaching
experience. Having received his Bachelor of Music in Classical Guitar Performance from the
Oberlin Conservatory of Music, he has studied many styles including Classical and Latin
American music, to jazz, pop, rock and folk. He has studied classical guitar with Ken Meyer,
James Piorkowski, and Stephen Aron, as well as jazz guitar with Bob Sneider, Phil Flanigan,
and Rick Balestra. He has been active as a guitarist, vocalist, composer and bandleader for
over 10 years, recording and performing with various incarnations of his rhythmically driven
progressive pop-rock ensembles in Ohio, North Carolina and NYC. Utilizing his proficiency with
nylon, steel-string and bass guitar, he has completed four albums of original material under this
outfit, and performs as a solo classical guitarist and accompanist in multiple genres.
As a teacher, Aaron synthesizes this experience across a wide array of musical
backgrounds along with a focus in classical guitar, incorporating a multifaceted approach to
guitar pedagogy. He likes to emphasize creativity and an appreciation for listening, through the
disciplines of aural and written theory, often incorporating rhythmic and melodic devices like
solfege, counterpoint, and polyrhythm. This allows the student to access a deeper
understanding of the music that can be internalized and applied to the physical demands of the
guitar. He uses this approach to build coordination and collaboration between teacher and
student by playing together, which can also harbor strength as a soloist or group member. He
believes that feeling and understanding the instrument this way can instill a greater affinity for
music in the student.
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