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Pro Audio, French Horns, Brass, Bass, Orchestral Strings

Favorite Instruments

Low Strings, French Horn, Double Reeds

Musical Interests

Berlin Philharmonic, Virginia Symphony, Howard Shore, Composition, Music Composition, Orchestration

Favorite Bands

Peter Gabriel, The Silmarillion Symphony

Current Projects

The Silmarillion Symphony


Retail Manager - N

"In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit." - J.R.R. Tolkien

About Me

Hi, my name is Aaron.

I've been playing music since...well actually I hardly know. Most of my conscious life.

I've played many instruments. I started on drums when I was really young, and have taken time playing trumpet, baritone, and tuba. I loved tuba, so if you walk in here asking about tubas, I will probably get really excited. I still mess around with brass, taking up the french horn in 2015.

In a professional sense I've played electric bass for something approaching 15 years and went to school for that. Picked up the cello recently too.

I've also composed many orchestral suites and self produced 2 orchestral albums in addition to being a published songwriter. I've also composed scores for stop motion animation films.

I also run my own home studio, which is a ton of fun. So I enjoy talking about pro audio related products and helping people start their own studios.  

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