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Orchestral Strings, Brass, Print Music, Keyboards

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Viola, violin, piano

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Florence + The Machine

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piano instructor


Senior Sales Associate

About Me

I have been in music since I was a seven when I started piano lessons. I then started playing viola in McConnell Middle School's orchestra with Mrs. Craft and Mr. Billups. I then went on and helped start Archer High School's Orchestra progam by being in the inaugural orchestra there and playing all through high school. I have preformed on stage many times in an orchestra and as a soloist on piano, violin and viola. I can a read music, play and teach you all you need to know about the piano, and the strings section of an orchestra. I can also help you with any questions you may have about any of the instruments we have. I am currently trying to learn how to play the guitar from our guitar teachers we have here. I love music. It is my dream job to be surrounded by music all day and help budding musicians start out. I used to teach piano so I can teach you all you need to know. I can also show you which books are right for you because I have used them myself and taught out of them myself. I have a passion for everything musical and I love how I learn something new here every day.

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