Senior Sales Associate
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Guitar, Orchestral Strings, Trombones, Bass, Keyboards, Trumpets, Clarinets, Accessories

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Highschool graduate, Some college for chemistry

Favorite Instruments

Acoustic guitar

Musical Interests

Punk, Metal

Favorite Bands

Mae, Bayside, Breaking Benjamin, Saosin, Copeland, Killswitch Engage, Modest Mouse, Destiny Potato, Death Cab For Cutie


Senior Sales Associate

About Me

Hi! My name is Alex (ignore the weird spelling please), and I love music. It's one of the main reasons I decided to join Music & Arts - so that maybe I could share the wonder that I felt when I first got my guitar here, at this exact South Hill location. I first started guitar in the tenth grade on my dad's beat-up 12-string, and just sort of pieced together how to play on my own. Eventually I started taking lessons here, sparking the need to better myself as a musician. Some of the music I follow is: Breaking Benjamin, Mae, Bayside, Saosin, and Copeland. Come on in anytime if you want to jam!

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