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Drum Set, Percussion

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Alex is a multi-talented musician who came up through the Lake Washington School District music program. His first experience with music was piano lessons at the age of 5. At age 13 he began to find his creative voice as a drummer. He also plays guitar and bass. In college he studied music performance, composition, audio recording, interactive media, film, and sound design. He has a particular love of video game soundtracks, jazz, funk, and fusion music. Behind the drum kit, he has performed on stage and in the studio for 20 years in a variety of different music styles.

Alex is an inter-disciplinary learner, and uses an inter-disciplinary approach to teaching drums to cultivate a holistic view of the instrument, and respect for the power of the drum set. His focus is on listening carefully to the student's words and playing in order to build on what strengths are already present. His primary goal is to help students become a "functional drummer" first, and then to develop a solid groove and a pleasing sound in addition to a creative command of drumming technique. His lessons include topics such as drumming rudiments, stylistic choices, reading music, drum tuning, "playing for the room," recording fundamentals, and how to develop good practice habits.

Bothell Music & Arts 425-486-5000 Bothell WA