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Musical Interests

EDM, Indie, Folk, All Rock, Musicals

Favorite Instruments

Bagpipes, Bass, Oboe, Guitar, Upright Bass, Violin, Piano


Senior Sales Associate

About Me

Aly was surrounded by music from a young age and grew up watching her father perform on stage. Music was a large part of her household and she remembers someone always singing a tune. Once she was big enough to hold a guitar, she started learning how to play the bass guitar from her dad. Then in elementary school she was given the opportunity to join orchestra and she leapt at the chance, choosing the oboe as her preferred instrument. Aly continued to play this instrument through middle school until she moved her freshman year. Music continues to be a big part of her life between attending concerts or rocking out in her car. She hopes to utilize her time at Music & Arts to get back into playing and learn new instruments. 

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