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Flute, Piccolo


Northern Arizona University, Bachelor of Music

About Analyce

Distinguished Experiences

Analyce Gonzalez was born into a Mexican family with structure, humor, love, and early-on teachings of hard work ethic and accountability. With the support of her family, friends, and mentors, Analyce has been able to pursue her passion for playing and teaching the flute and piccolo. The following are just a handful of experiences from Analyce’s musical background:

· Attended Deer Valley High School and studied privately under Kristina Johnsen. 

· Represented the Deer Valley School District in AMEA opportunities

· Member of the Youth Symphony of the Southwest in high school 

· Bachelors of Music in Music Performance and studied under Dr. Emily McKay at Northern Arizona University

· Bachelors of Science in Criminology/Criminal Justice from Northern Arizona University

· Winner of the 2015 Founders Scholarship competition from the Arizona Flute Society Festival  

· Piccoloist for the American Festival Orchestra’s tour through China  

· Performances with the North Valley Orchestra, Chandler Symphony Orchestra, ProMusica Arizona, and La Forza Chamber Orchestra

· Adjudicator for AMEA Regional and Solo & Ensemble auditions

Teaching Philosophy

"The concepts I teach set the basic foundation for students to understand the flute. The student then builds upon that foundation with their own imagination and creativity as I help mentor them. My teaching philosophy is based on the following concepts and approaches: 

· With a positive learning environment comes a positive attitude, and vice versa.

· Shared decision-making between the student and teacher. When adding musicality to a piece of music, I want the student to make the piece their own through self-expression. I will help them to polish what they want to do with the piece.

· Consistent, constructive feedback. 

· Going beyond the exposure of various repertoires. This will be through technical studies, music theory, and some music history.

· Everyone learns differently. 

· Everyone has the potential to achieve. 

· Becoming a good flute player will be fun and fulfilling if individual responsibility, hard work, and dedication are present.

· Being able to play music is a gift, making it important to share this gift with others. Students will participate in a studio recital and participate in a large or small ensemble and audition for regionals and all-state (if applicable). 

· Constantly challenging yourself in order to prove to yourself what you are capable of.

· Constantly challenging myself as a teacher to strive to help each student excel. 

· The student will work on multiple musical concepts like tone, technicality, scales, and musical expressiveness, with exercises varying week-to-week. They will, in addition to that, receive a solo piece to incorporate what they have learned through these exercises. 

· Learning music goes beyond a staff paper and instrument. It helps you to think more critically, learn from mistakes, and to build stamina. 

"Having the opportunity to teach students about the flute/piccolo and music is something I do not take for granted. I teach because I love to witness the progress of students and be as excited as they are when they have achieved their goals."

Music as an Enjoyable Experience

Analyce works in behavioral health and incorporates therapeutic approaches with her students. As an individual with prior performance anxiety, Analyce is able to assist her students in finding different coping skills to overcome this. Analyce's priority is to provide a comfortable and fun learning experience for her students.

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