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My involvement with music started at a very young age. It started with a guitar that my Dad had lying around in the house; I just picked it up, and taught myself how to play. Around the same time I remember spending most of my time listening to music trying to learn English and also trying to clearly identify the different layers of instruments and sounds. I still remember how hard it was to separate the bass guitar from the rest of the instruments; but time made me better and eventually I was able to focus enough to recreate in my head the separation and placement of the instruments in the mix. To me, that was a great accomplishment, and this pretty much got me started into the recording/mixing kind of world.  

Along my high school years I kept myself busy learning how to use my computer as a recording station for my own music. After graduation I decided to make that my career path so I enrolled at Full Sail University.

I consider myself a very devoted musician/music producer, I have some professional experience and I’m still expanding my knowledge. I have a passion for excellence in all aspects of my life, putting the effort to solve problems and treating any task with the seriousness and respect to achieve quality. I work with diligence to grow both personally and professional.

Here at Music and Arts I enjoy being surrounded with a great musical environment and amazing co-workers. We are always here to help you on your Musical journey.
I look forward to see you at the store.



Andres Guio


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