Retail Manager - N
Joined in
Current Band(s)/Gig(s)

Nasim Siddeeq and That Feeling, Studio Recordings, Karen Culi, Andrew Fellenz Solo


Self educated, Danny Mo Morris (private lessons)


Bass, Guitar, Pro Audio, Accessories, Amplifiers & Effects, Technology, Keyboards & MIDI

Favorite Bands

D'Angelo, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Say Anything, Saves the Day, Mother Mother, Thundercat, Moses Sumney, Jarle Bernhoft, KC and the Sunshine Band, Stevie Wonder, AC/DC, Donell Jones, JDilla, Kendrick Lamar, Bumkey, Zion T., Vulfpeck, Anthony Hamilton, Evan Marion, Nasim Siddeeq and that Feeling, J. Cole, Chance the Rapper, Al Green

Favorite Instruments

Bass Guitar, Bass, Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Mics, Microphones, Recording Technology, Room Acoustics

Languages Spoken


Levels Taught

Intermediate, Beginner

Musical Interests

Old School R&B, Motown, Funk, Punk, Classic Rock, Jazz, First Wave Hardcore, Emo (2000's), Korean R&B, Neo-Soul, KPop, Rock, Folk

Performance Experience

I have played venues ranging from dive bars to the Kennedy Center.

Specialties / Genres Taught

Smooth R&B is my favorite genre and the one I'm most comfortable with., I'm also very proficient at '90s/2000s Rock., I am a solid Funk player.

Teaching Experience

I have taught bass guitar and guitar privately in the past.


Retail Manager - N

About Me

I started my musical life as a self-taught acoustic guitar player around the age of 9 years old. When I was 13 my friends decided that they wanted to start a rock band and I volunteered to learn how to play bass. After nearly a decade, and a handful of bands later, I currently play for an R&B band and occasionally do studio work and substitute work for other bands. My current focus is on writing my own music (R&B with folky vibes) and trying to get it ready to release as a full album.

In addition to playing as a professional musician, I also have interned at a recording studio in order to learn about audio engineering. I am now very comfortable recording and mixing my music and I feel confident that I can do so at a high level. I am happy to help with any questions regarding pro audio equipment/software, especially microphones.

Music has been a huge part of my life for a long time now. I've supported myself through music-related endeavors since I was 20 years old. Music is something that brings me joy and I am happy to share the knowledge that I have with anyone and everyone in the community who might benefit from it.


When it comes to bass, I'm a huge gear head. I can answer nearly any question about bass gear that you can come up with.

I'm currently playing on:

Main bass:

-A non-branded P/J bass. Featuring Aguilar/Kloppmann pickups, Thomastik Infeld Jazz Flats, and combination of Hipshot and Babicz hardware.

Live rig:

-Orange AD200B head and Orange OBC410 bass cab

Studio rig:

-A Designs REDDI tube DI box

Pedals that I use:

I'm a bit of a pedal junky and have an ever growing collection. Amongst a great many other things, I am a huge fan of EarthQuaker Devices' pedals.

I use D'Addario and Mogami cables for both live and studio gigs.

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