Retail Manager - N
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Current Projects

Acoustic indie/ folk album (songwriting stage)


Woodwinds, Clarinets, Saxophones

Favorite Bands

* The Beatles, -Led Zeppelin, My Morning Jacket, Benny Goodman, John Daversa, Marcus Miller

Favorite Instruments

Clarinet, Acoustic Guitar, -Electric bass

Musical Interests

Clarinet solo and ensemble, Classic Rock, Folk, The Blues

Performance Experience

Soloist w/ IWCO, 2nd clarinet in ILMEA All-State Honors Band in 2010

Teaching Experience

Heritage Grove/Ira Jones summer band (percussion and woodwinds)


Retail Manager - N

About Me

My love for music was first instilled in me by my father; driving in his car on various errands in my childhood, we listened to everything from Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin to Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring and Mahler's Symphonies. From a young age, music was something very special to me; not just a bonding experience in my family, but a way to express that which words cannot and connect with anyone on a level beyond the superficial. Naturally, I joined band in elementary school and chose the clarinet: playing this instrument and taking private lessons opened up a whole new world of self expression, networking relationships, and some of the most fun and pivitol moments of my education! In college, I performed as a major soloist with the Illinois Wesleyan University Civic Orchestra, performing C.M. Von Weber's Concertino for Clarinet at the Bloomington Center for Performing Arts as a winner of their Concerto-Aria competition.

After college, music remains one of the most important things in my life. I started working here at the Fox Valley Musc & Arts in Summer 2015, and since then I have continued to spread my love of music to others and supprot music education in my community through our rental program and the Lesson Studio! I am also Fox Valley's Woodwind Expert, so feel free to reach out to me with any questions about clarinets, saxophones, or any other woodwind. I'm your guy!


My Gear

Clarinet-Buffet R13 Greenline Professional Clarinet

Guitar-Alvarez 5031D Acoustic Guitar

Bass-Fender Squire Jazz Bass Vintage Mod.


My Recommendations



Beginner-Buffet B25 Wood Student Clarinet

              Yamaha YCL-225 Wood Student Clarinet


Intermediate-Buffet E11 Intermediate Clarinet


Advanced-Buffet R13 Professional Clarinet

               Buffet R13 Tosca, Festival and Prestige Professional Clarinets




Beginner-Yamaha YAS-26 Student Alto Saxophone

              Selmer AS500 Student Alto Sax

              Selmer TS500 Student Tenor Sax


Intermediate-Yamaha YAS-480 Intermediate Alto Sax

                    Yamaha YTS-480 Intermediate Tenor Sax


Advanced-Yamaha 62III Professional Alto Sax

               Selmer Mark6 Professional Alto Sax

                Selmer 54S Professional Tenor Sax





Beginner-Gemeinhardt 2SP Student Flute


Intermediate-Gemeinhardt 3OSBGLP Silver-Plated, Open-Hole Intermediate Flute

                    Yamaha YFL-361H Silver-Plated, Open-Hole Intermediate Flute


Advanced-Gemeinhardt 33-SSBGLP Sterling Silver Professional Flute

               Yamaha YFL-481H Sterling Silver Professinoal Flute

               Azumi AZ3SRBEO-C Sterling Silver Professional Flute



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