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Teaches Violin, Viola, Cello

"It is no matter if you make a mistake, but to play without passion is inexcusable" ~Beethovan

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Russian, Spanish

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One Republic

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Violin, Viola, Cello

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Beginner, Intermediate

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My passion for music began at an early age when I was signed up for piano lessons by my parents in the first grade. A few years after beginning piano lessons, I decided to switch to violin because my soon to be violin teacher came to my school to demonstrate the instrument. I was absolutely memorized! I begged my mother to sign me up for orchestra class and she eventually gave in. After beginning to play violin in 2002, I advanced quickly, even beginning to compose my own music in the 5th grade. My first memorable experience as a young musician was when I was nominated for my first honor orchestra in 2005. Before graduating from grade school I began to take private violin lessons from Susan Krebs in the 6th grade and continued with private lessons until my freshman year of college, studying with various viola professionals. After graduation from grade school, my love for music depended even more as I entered Jr. High, High School and eventually College. Some of my most memorable experiences as a musician during Jr. High and High School include being nominated for honor orchestra in the 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grades, leading a chamber group in 2008 to a superior performance rating in the district competition, performing at Carnegie Hall in my High School Orchestra in May 2009, being selected to perform a viola solo at a Veteran’s Day Assemble in 11th grade, participating in the Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestras from 2006-2011 and the Max Aronoff Viola Institute from 2010-2014, being nominated for the All State Orchestra in 2010 and the All Northwest Chamber Orchestra in 2011 (both nominations on viola) and playing with the Eastside Symphony from 2013-2014. I became serious about my music in the 10th grade which was right before I began playing the viola. I began to play viola due to high recommendation from my then violin teacher, Dr. Cynthia Morrow. My switch to viola proved to be the best decision I made as a string player because I was soon nominated as the 1st place violist in the 2010 Lake Washington School District Solo and Ensemble Competition.  A year later, I was selected as first alternate for the viola in the same competition. When I first began my college years at Central Washington University as a freshman, I was a viola performance major from 2011 to 2013. Although I switched my major to nutrition in 2015, I have some notable performances during my college years. These include when I received excellent and superior ratings for my jury performances, when I played a viola solo at convocation in front of the whole music department, premiering my first string quartet composition in 2011 (Link to the performance is beneath this description), being nominated for 2nd place in the string department jury for spring 2013, performing a viola solo live on King 98.1 FM Seattle in Summer 2014 and being nominated as Ms. North Hall in 2016.  Even though I graduated from college with a nutrition degree in June 2017, I have been keeping my musical fingers wet by providing music lessons, performing at the Ellensburg Saturday Market and also by composing viola solos in my spare time. Besides my music, I enjoy various activities such as distance running, martial arts, wood working, art, photography, writing, badminton and baseball. I also love most animals with my favorites being dolphins and penguins. I also own 5 Betta fish. I enjoy playing the violin and viola both very much and I look forward to teaching here at Music and Arts of Redmond!
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