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Teaches Guitar, Bass Guitar, Ukulele, Mandolin

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Guitar, Bass Guitar, Ukulele, Mandolin

About Anthony

Originally from Detroit Michigan, Anthony developed a love for music at a very young age. He started playing music when he was 12 years old for his school band as a baritone player. Soon after, Anthony moved to drums and percussion. On his 13th birthday, he bought a bass guitar with money he saved. After a year on the bass, he decided to go full time drummer. It wasn't until he was 17 that he picked up the guitar. With influences like Rush, Vinnie Moore, Dream Theater, Kiss, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Al Di Meola, Steve Vai, Primus...he learned many different styles.

Anthony started teaching guitar, drums and bass when he was 20 years old. At 21, he worked in studios doing session work for many musicians and projects. Anything from Motown to Kid Rock!
After moving from Detroit and living in various places, Anthony now resides in Dallas, Texas.

Over the years, he has worked with many different musicians and toured with several bands. Today, Anthony works for Studio 51 as a composer for TV shows and networks. He also continues to be a solo artist, music teacher, studio musician and a touring guitar player. He also still teaches various instruments.

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