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Teaches Guitar, Music Theory

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Guitar, Music Theory

About Armin

My name is Armin Peterson and I play the guitar.

My musical journey began at a very young age. For years I became entranced by this electrically magical wooden instrument, determined to explore every possibility within its impossibly infinite universe of expression and emotion.

As fate would have it, I joined a rising band of veteran musicians during my senior year of high school and signed a major record deal shortly thereafter. For eight years we toured the states and Europe, writing and recording songs, living the dream. Between tours, I would teach out of my home studio in Los Angeles.

The seasons have changed and I now find myself living in Seattle. Join me at Music & Arts in Redmond. I teach rock, blues, metal, some classical, music theory, and improvisation.

Redmond Music & Arts 425-881-8777 Redmond WA