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Teaches Drum Set, Percussion, Theory

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Drum Set, Percussion, Theory

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Asher Herzog is currently studying Jazz Percussion at Towson University with Frank Russo and Jonathan Seligman.  He is an aspiring professional drummer with 12 years of musical experience, and 8 years of drum set experience, who has a familiarity with a multitude of drumming styles including Rock, Jazz, Marching Band, Classical Percussion, Modern Percussion repertoire, Free Improvisation, and Latin Percussion.  Asher uses his strengths as a player, including his reading abilities in both standard pitched notation and drum tab notation as well as his strong improvisational abilities, to aid him in his teaching.  This helps him to adapt as a teacher to the different learning styles of each of his students.

 Asher has performed in several ensembles during his time at Towson University including the Jazz Combo, Latin Ensemble, Improvisation Ensemble, Concert Band, and Percussion Ensemble.  Outside of college, he also has experience participating in and co-leading several other groups. Some groups that he co-leads are Yugennui (Post/Math-Rock) and Fuss (Improvising Power Trio). He has enjoyed some success performing with Yugennui as they have toured along the East Coast and also into Canada. From time to time he also plays with a traditional jazz ensemble named “John Jefferies Trio.”

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