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Guitar, Amplifiers & Effects, Bass, Drums & Percussion, Pro Audio

Favorite Instruments

Guitar is always going to be my top pick

Current Band(s)/Gig(s)

VaTiC -Colorado Springs

Performance Experience

I have played several venues across Colorado such as The Black Sheep, Sunshine Studios, The Buffalo Rose, and the Colorado Springs City Auditorium.


Senior Sales Associate

About Me

Hey! I'm Ash! I'm a third generation Colorado native and a graduate from Sand Creek High School. I picked up a First Act guitar at the age of 6 and haven't put guitar down since! Now, you can typically find me rocking an Ibanez GIO or my beloved Ibanez RG220.

I believe that everything deserves at least one try. With this said, I have tried just about every instrument. About two years ago, I began dabbling in bass and percussion, and a year ago I fell in love with pro audio. I've reciently started messing with brass, woodwinds, piano, and cello! 

I'm curently playing in a band called "VaTiC" located here in the Springs and occasionally doing fill-in gigs with bands around Colorado.

I'm so stoked to be a member of the Music & Arts family! Music is my passion in life and it is absolutely amazing to be around people who share the same passion!



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