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Keyboards & MIDI, Guitar, Amplifiers & Effects, Print Music, Books, Sheet Music & Media

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Recording my own music, Various mixing and mastering

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1 Cello, Keys/Piano, the kazoo, COW BELLLL!!!!!

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Led Zepelin, ghost, electric wizard, earth, black sabbath, windhand, royal thunder, rhianna, bon bon vivant, ruse de guerre

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Senior Sales Associate

About Me

Born in Landstuhl, Germany, Athena Kennedy’s passion for travel and all things music developed at an early age, and eventually led her to graduate from Loyola University New Orleans’a prestigious Music Industry Studies program.  While at Loyola, Athena developed a talent for artist and tour management, as well as a relentless desire to help artists achieve and exceed their goals. Since then, she has worked with a host of acts, including Emily Kopp, Elysian Feel, Bronsen and the Expedition, and No True Scotsman, as well as festivals including Voodoo Music, Arts Experience, Pemberton Music Festival, and Rock the Ocean’s Tortuga Music Festival. With her experience she knows what musicians need to become the best musicians they can! 

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