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Free AZ

Favorite Bands

Radiohead, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Gorillaz, Nujabes, Blackalicious, Rage Against the Machine, Run the Jewels, Sublime

Favorite Instruments

Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Keys


Senior Sales Associate

About Me

Hi, I'm Austin, a guitarist and vocalist working in the Toms River Music & Arts. I've been playing guitar for 12 years alongside bass and vocals. I also record my own music and understand how to use various Digital Audio Workstations.

My favorite genres of music are classic and alternative rock, as well as some hip-hop and metal. For my own music I prefer to blend genres from lots of different influences.

I also think it's important to teach people to customize their guitars to get the tone they are looking for. If you need any guitar related gear, ask for me!



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