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Keyboards & MIDI

Favorite Instruments

Piano, Ukulele, Kazoo, Spoons

Favorite Bands

Koji Kondo, Grant Kirkhope, Joanna Newsom

Musical Interests

Classical Contemporary, Contemporary Jazz


Retail Manager - N

"To succeed in life, you need two things: ignorance and confidence."

-Mark Twain

About Me

     Hello, my name is Benjamin Espinoza.  The piano is the love of my life, and the ukulele is a really close friend.  I love to study music theory and analyze compositions, particularly in video games.  I also enjoy making my own compositions and arrangements using physical instruments and computer software such as Finale, MuseScore, CakeWalk, FL Studio, and Adobe Audition.

     I grew up playing piano and have always been into creating music as opposed to reading and practicing sheet music.  I was always into chiptunes from 8-bit video games and marvel at how much certain songs have evolved into grand arrangements as the years go by (such as in The Legend of Zelda).  I don't just love the music, but the people and the tools around the music, which is how I found myself fitting perfectly with Music & Arts.

     One of my main goals is to motivate and inspire people to be adventurous in the things they create.  I want to give people a hunger for a different flavor.  I want for people to take off the rose colored glasses so they can view the whole spectrum.

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