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Piano, Theory

About Janina

Musical & Educational Background

Janina Beran began her music education when she was only six years old. Music soon became, not only a delightful hobby, but a lifelong endeavor. Choosing to make music education her profession, she graduated in 1986 from Wroclaw University in Poland with a Masters in Music Education.
Ms. Beran has twenty three years of experience as a piano instructor. Four out of those years were spent teaching piano in Vienna while continuing her education there. She moved to Seattle over 25 years ago has been continuing her education. Because she has committed to continuous improvement of her knowledge & skills as a piano instructor, she has taken music instructions at the University of Washington & the Seattle Pacific University. She is an active member of the Music Teachers National Association & the National Guild of Piano Teachers.
She can provide music instruction in English, German, Polish, & Czech.


Educational Program

Ms. Beran believes it is never too early or too late to begin music lessons. Her youngest students are less than four years old, but adults are also taking her lessons. She is using Roland technology & interactive music theory software to enrich the process of teaching. Considering the age differences among Ms. Beran's students, her educational curriculum is understandably very flexible, corresponding to the student's needs as well as their concentration & skill level.
While Ms. Beran's curriculum focuses on classical music, she is capable of changing the instructional program based on a strudent's desire & interest. Even though her lessons are highly organized & well structured, she is extremely patient with her students, always adjusting to the student's performace levels & their individual progress.
Ms. Beran teaches individual as well as group lessons. While she understands the value of group education, especially for music theory, she believes that the instructions are better understood when she can fully focus on one student at a time. Curriculum includes music reading, interpretation, performing, music theory, ear training, etc.


Class Outline

The program is based on half hour lessons once a week. During each lesson students review materials assigned to them from a previous lesson as a homework practice & only then the new material is introduced. Both theoretical & performance issues are continuously being discussed throughout the lesson.
Concentration & cooperation with the instructor are essential in order to progress & reach a continually higher level of accomplishment. While Ms. Beran always expects her students to perform to the best of their abilities, her lesson's outline is designed to ensure that the time students spend on each lesson will be not only productive, but interesting & enjoyable!

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