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Teaches Guitar, Ukulele, Bass Guitar

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Guitar, Ukulele, Bass Guitar

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Brandon Hebner began studying guitar in middle school and has never put it down since. He has experience as both teacher and performer in several styles including Classical, Jazz, Latin, Pop, and Rock. Brandon has performed with the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet as a member of The Arizona Guitar Orchestra, and played in several master classes for artists like Adam del Monte and Trio Camino. Currently, Brandon is working on finishing his bachelor’s degree in music education under Chuck Hulihan at Ottawa University, and has plans to continue on to a Master’s degree.

Through music, Brandon hopes to inspire his students to be able to tackle whatever obstacles may come their way. Perseverance, dedication, and effort are talents unto themselves, and music is the best method he knows of to foster these abilities. Every student is capable of success, and it is Brandon’s primary goal to see that they reach it. In his lessons, he likes to use several different resources that pick and choose all of the best parts from different methods, seeing the value in different perspectives and schools of thought.

When he isn’t performing, practicing, or teaching, Brandon likes to spend his time playing video games or going to his local card shop and playing card games.
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