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Bass, Drums & Percussion

Favorite Bands

-Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Grand Funk Railroad, -Black Sabbath, The Doors, jimi Hendrix, Greenland, -Queens of the Stone Age, Hot tuna, -Pink Floyd, AC DC, STS9, -Nirvana, The Misfits


Bachelors Degree from Virginia Commonwealth University, John Tyler Community College


Senior Sales Associate

About Me

What is happening guys, it's Brandon. I have been playing music for a while now, my main instrument is the bass but I also play a little guitar, purcussion, and drums. In high school I played in a couple guitar ensembles; I have also taken music and music theory classes in both high school and also in my college education.

I enjoy playing and listening to classic rock music or anything with a good groove to it, yet I am open to most music in general. So come on by if you have any questions about music or just want to talk about an artist or music gear or even draxxin schlounts. See you guys soon.

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