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Teaches Piano, Music Theory, Theory

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Piano, Music Theory, Theory

About Brenda

Brenda is a classical piano and theory teacher.

The Associate of the Royal Conservatory of Toronto ON, Canada; is the highest academic credential awarded by The Royal Conservatory. Brenda has her "A.R.C.T. in Piano Teacher" as having fulfilled all the requirements of the Associateship in Piano Teacher prescribed by the Royal Conservatory of Music, proceeding Grade 1-10 grade standing requirement completion [repetoire, studies, technical tests, ear tests, sight reading, theory co-requisites] from Toronto, ON, Canada.

The Teachers' A.R.C.T. is respected internationally as a teaching qualification. Brenda's further education with experience comprises: Associate degree in Music Therapy from Vancouver, BC, Canada; Associate Faculty member of "LoKnoPla" Music School [for conventional and developmentally delayed pupils] from Edmonton, AB, Canada; and "Yamaha Piano Course Teacher", "Junior Music Course Teacher", "Advanced Yamaha Music Teachers", individual and group instruction inclusive teachers' certifications of "Tom Lee Music School" from Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Brenda has a passion to teach and meet students where they are at.  Together, the purpose is to equip each student to understand, read, play, appreciate, and enjoy music to their fullest capability. 

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