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Tenor Saxophone, alto saxophone


Retail Manager - N

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I am Cat, I work at the Music & Arts in Newton! I have been working here since September of 2017 following the completion of my Music degree at Universtity of Massachusetts Dartmouth the previous spring.

Having been brought up in a musical family in Boston I LOVE all things MUSIC! I have expierence performing a wide range of instruments and genres (though I currently primarily play jazz tenor saxophone) I have experience performing/recording/touring with synthisizer/piano, guitar, vocals, alto saxophone and even baritone saxophone, in genres ranging from pop to progressive metal! Although I have not played classical strings after completion of an internship with the BSO I have a strong understanding of the orchestral instruments and the player's needs.

My passion for music has been a great fit with the Music & Arts company, and I really enjoy finding the perfect instrument or teacher for any and every player whether a brand new player, someone rediscovering their old passion, or a more experienced player looking for just the right fit!

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