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"To play a wrong note is insignificant; to play without passion is inexcusable." -- Ludwig van Beethoven


"Music is nothing separate from me. It is me... You'd have to remove the music surgically." -- Ray Charles

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Active member of the Fayetteville Piano Teachers' Association,

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Hammond B3 Organ, Piano, Saxophone

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Bachelor of Art degree in Music with Music Industry Emphasis, The University of North Carolina at Pembroke

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Chima Enwere was born in Los Angeles, and moved to Fayetteville at the age of two with his mom and brothers. He found his passion for music very early in life. Weeks leading up to his eighth birthday, he told his mother all he wanted for his birthday was to be enrolled in piano lessons. Sure enough, his mother surprised him on his eighth birthday by taking him to his very first piano lesson. Little did young Chima know that he would pursue music as a career.

Chima recently graduated from the University of North Carolina at Pembroke, with the Bachelor of Arts in Music with Music Industry Emphasis degree. He also received a certificate in entrepreneur from his studies at UNCP. He was very fortunate to study with seasoned professionals. They include Drs. Jon and Beth Maisonpierre, Dr. Seung-Ah Kim, and Dr. Mark Tollefsen. To avoid complacency, Chima is currently taking post-undergrad lessons in preparation for his pursuit to get a master’s degree in piano performance.  

Chima has much experience in numerous performance settings. Over his fifteen plus years of playing, he has performed as a solo pianist, accompanist for choirs and solo performers, pit member in musicals, marching band, jazz ensemble/combo pianist, church pianist/organist, and chamber ensemble member. He has also performed in popular places including Disney World and Carowinds.

He is also the youngest active member of the Fayetteville Piano Teachers’ Association (FPTA). The FPTA is a professional organization made up of seasoned and experienced teachers and performers. All other members of the association hold a master’s degree in piano. Some even hold a doctorate/Ph.D. in piano. The organization is very active in hosting things like student competition festivals, competitions, recitals, and master classes. More information can be found at

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