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Valentina Lisitsa, Joshua Bell, Placebo, Marilyn Manson, Nigel Kennedy, Emmanuel Pahud, REM, Radiohead

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I started to play the flute at the age of 9 years old while piano I began at around 12.  In high school I picked up the violin and joined the orchestra. I graduated from Washington Adventist University with a degree in music performance.  I have performed with the New England Symphonic Ensemble in countries all over the world including England, Thailand, Greece, Italy, Mexico, Jamaica, Caymen Islands and South Africa.  I have performed with the Mid America productions concert series in Carnegie Hall, New York. 

Being mainly a classical musician, its hard to say who influences me, but rather what is more easily answerable.  I am influenced by composers and performers that pushed the language of music to something more than background parlor music.  The undefinable power that composers try to bring forth, that performers try to tame.


One of my favorite parts of teaching is the rare but profound moments of clarity when the student realizes that all he or she has been doing has a point, that the old raving teacher isn't simply being vindictive.  The moments where they realize that the technical feats and seemingly random ink blots on the page translate to a "greater than the sum of the parts" experience that move.  The unmeasurable moments that teachers wish there was a way to measure.

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