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Connie Marie


Teaches Piano, Voice, Clarinet

“Music Is A Universal Language”

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Piano, Voice, Clarinet

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Working on a Doctorate in Education Organization with a concentration in behavioral health, Soloist specialty of Ave Maria for any ceremony/event requested, Soloist specialty of The National Anthem for any ceremony/event requested


Two master’s degrees/NYS Music certification, Bachelor of Communication and Public Relations/NYSSMA Adjudicator

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Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

About Connie Marie

At a young age, Connie’Marie sang for audiences small and large, to extremely large. Being a naturally gifted musician, her singing was shared with multiple nursing homes, political galas, stadiums, and more. She quickly learned how to figure songs out by ear on the piano, but felt she should learn to read music and quickly enrolled her at a local music store for lessons at age 6. While she sang and played piano, she later joined her public-school band and learned to play the clarinet by grade 4 and was accepted to All County and Area All State thereafter. Simultaneously in the band and jazz band, she was a contralto in her school chorus. At times her then music teacher would leave sub plans that requested the sub to seek Connie’Marie out for assistance as it was clear to her teacher that she would be involved in music education and a promising asset to the day helping the sub. During regular teaching time with her music teacher, Connie’Marie would spend extra hours learning more about music to perfect her knowledge and prepare for college. In addition, Connie’Marie was involved in many school plays/musicals, and productions in her community.

While in college Connie’Marie was part of their shows gaining roles both as lead, and ensemble. Connie ‘Marie’s most memorable college experience in the music and acting portion was the internship she interviewed for with the Walt Disney World college program.  It was then and there she expanded her acting skills to great lengths providing magic to many in Orlando Florida. While at Disney World, Connie’Marie won an award titled “Thunderous Applause” awarded by her cast members. It was a true testament to her dedication to her acting and singing there at Walt Disney World.  While Connie’Marie could have remained as a cast member in Florida, she decided to return to NY and fulfill her original desire to teach music in a public-school setting. Connie’Marie taught for sixteen years as a public music teacher, one year at a private school, and continued to teach private music lessons. Currently, Connie’Marie has decided to work part time to finish her doctorate and write music learning books (piano and voice) that she can share in the future. Connie ‘Marie’s goal is to overlap her two master’s degrees of mental health/psychology and music education, for a form of music therapy that will bring many a therapeutic and unique learning experience.

“Music Is A Universal Language”…..Join me in learning to speak it through the use of our voice and instruments, let’s have fun and get it done!



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